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This open blog for our Amazon store is not for bragging rights (the sales are modest anyways as the store is less than 3 months old) but a communal learning place I wish was available when I first started selling on Amazon 6 years ago. If only I had learned these lessons earlier. The customer experience bar is getting higher and at the same time competition only gets fiercer with eroding margins. With the competitive landscape ever changing, we hope you join us in making customers happier and simplifying ecommerce.

Why Amazon and How to sell on Amazon

Online selling is not the easiest thing to do but Amazon does make it that much easier. With such a vast number of users, easy to use website, and range of products, Amazon really is the right place to start selling and experimenting. We know some merchants that only sell on Amazon as the other selling channels create too many customer service issues. Hopefully this blog will help you answer some or your “how to sell your products on Amazon” questions and more. 

We’ll post every two weeks. We will be covering many broad ecommerce topics and some highly detailed thoughts on Amazon given that Amazon is where it all began for us. We’ll discuss operational and Amazon seller tools like profitability & (re)pricing, inventory management, shipping, picking & packing, all the minutiae / tedious things that come with the territory. Also things like best amazon seller software from the boring things that must be done like amazon seller accounting software to financial dashboards. With the blog posts, we will also release free selling tools that we use internally that help us address / automate these problems. We hope that these tools help you in your ecommerce journey.

Again, the aim of sharing everything is to create value for you and hopefully get you to experiment along with us. We would love to hear your results and figure out ecommerce together. Please leave your comments and questions below.

So let’s get started…

Thank you!

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