How a coffee merchant reduces picking and packing on multi SKU orders
with Colin Pyle - CEO


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CRU Kafe

CRU Kafe is an ecommerce startup that have developed an eco-friendly, Nespresso®-compatible pod, chock full of artisanal, organically grown and 100% Arabica bean coffee that is conveniently delivered right to your door.


CRU Kafe had two problems, multi SKU orders and orders coming from three different systems: Amazon, Spree website and subscription business. They had three mail merges and used paper and pen. Multi SKU orders caused alot of headaches as they had to print more than one shipping label, get rid of the extra shipping labels and make sure the right SKUs were packed. Two employees were matching the orders as they picked and packed, which made the process really tedious.


Using Simple Merchant, Colin was able to simplify the entire order management and shipping workflow by standardising his order data and using shipping labels that displayed quantity and SKU.

“Multi SKU orders were a nightmare to deal with as we had to use paper and pen to ensure we were shipping the right products to the right customer.”

For multi SKU orders, the orders were automatically combined into one shipping label with all the order information.

“Picking, packing and shipping was tedious and a large time suck but now, it just works.”


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